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Draft Wire mock reminds everyone of what life was like before all this Kyler Murray madness began

Welcome back, Josh Allen, how we missed you.

Remember when Nick Bosa was a pipe dream and Josh Allen was the consensus No. 2 pick? Well, the folks over at Draft Wire put together a mock draft this week where we return to those days.

In their latest mock, they decide to go with the off chance that all this Kyler Murray to the Arizona Cardinals hype was just that. In it, you don’t see the Oklahoma quarterback going number one. Instead, it’s Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa going to the Cardinals. This then lets the San Francisco 49ers take Kentucky linebacker Josh Allen.

Here’s what they said about returning to the Bosa/Cardinals prediction:

It’s entirely possible that the rumors of Kyler Murray going here are completely true, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Bosa is arguably the most complete player in this entire draft, and he’s well worth this pick if the Cardinals want to stick with Josh Rosen.

There’s been more percolating that the Cardinals may be looking to move quarterback Josh Rosen. Now that teams are getting involved, it’s probably becoming more of a ‘when’ than an ‘if’. Of course the Cardinals could pass on Murray and let the potential bidding war begin for the No. 2 or No. 3 pick. And if they take Bosa, well, here’s what Draft Wire says about the 49ers selecting Allen:

The 49ers would hate to see Bosa off the board here, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to trade back in that scenario. If they can’t, this year’s draft class gives them a fantastic consolation prize in Allen, who is one of the most versatile and productive players in the draft.

Alabama defensive Quinnen Williams goes to the Oakland Raiders at No. 4 and Kyler Murray drops to the fifth spot, going to Washington in a trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This is after a scenario I suggested earlier happens: the New York Jets make a trade with the New York Giants and the Giants select Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins at No. 3. The 49ers don’t make the deal to a quarterback-needy team, the Jets do. Going to No. 3 is much cheaper than No. 2.

As for the 49ers taking Allen, it’s been reported they aren’t too high on him at No. 2, so if they were going to take him, they may take a lower offer just to get something and get out of the spot. Or they take Williams and call it a day.

All of this chaos seems strange, but it’s also strangely accurate to something happening on draft day. I’ve already said teams may bypass the 49ers for a trade to get a quarterback, and I think no one would be surprised if the Cardinals ruined our lives by getting Nick Bosa.

Either way, this draft makes me remember December.


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