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Report: Washington open to trading for Josh Rosen

If...and IF he became available.

Could the Arizona Cardinals use their first round pick on a quarterback? If they were to go that direction, one team is happy to take the Cardinals’ current signal caller, Josh Rosen off their hands. NFL Draft Analyst writer Tony Pauline reports that Washington is open to a trade for Rosen should he become available.

There has been speculation back and forth that the Cardinals may be interested in Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray at number 1. New Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury praised Murray when both were working their respective roles in the NCAA, and that praise has carried over to the NFL. If the Cardinals think of getting Murray, they’d have to offload Rosen beforehand. It’s not going to become a reality until Rosen is moved, especially with what the Cardinals had to give up to get him in the 2018 NFL Draft, just one year ago.

Washington has their own quarterback problems. They traded for Alex Smith in the 2018 offseason and while he seemed like a solid, albeit short term solution, Smith had a freakish leg injury that may sideline him for a portion of 2019, if not ending his career. Washington had their own quarterback issues following Smith’s injury and bringing in Rosen either as their quarterback of the future or as Alex Smith’s replacement could be beneficial. The New York Giants have been seen as a possible destination as well, so if the Cardinals really want Murray, they have a young quarterback who got experience being fed to the wolves. There might be some value had for Rosen given his rookie contract and year of experience.

Rosen didn’t have the greatest of rookie seasons in the NFL. He threw 14 interceptions to 11 touchdowns, en route to a completion percentage of 55 percent. He also took 45 sacks in 2018. Not impressive numbers at all. A lot of this can be blamed on the Cardinals offensive line who could not pass protect or get a running game going to take the edge off Rosen’s pass attempts.

San Francisco 49ers fans have to love this scenario. Quarterback is the absolute last position they need to look at. If Cardinals were to offload Rosen in preparation of drafting Murray, that gives the 49ers full control of the draft board and a possible shot at Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa. Well, unless there’s a fan out there not satisfied with Jimmy Garoppolo and/or Nick Mullens.

The Combine is going on and if Murray can impress in a huge way, the Cardinals may need to find themselves a trading partner. Either to get Rosen off the team and take Murray for themselves, or for some other team enamored by him.

Either way, 49ers fans win.