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Golden Nuggets: I Love Combine Season

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Sunday, March 3rd, 2019 edition.

Oregon State v Ohio State

Good morning folks, and a happy Sunday to you all. First things first, we need to talk about DK Metcalf. In case you didn’t see, the giant WR (6’3”, 230 pounds) ran a 4.33 second 40 yard dash. In relation to high profile players of his size, such as Vernon Davis, Julio Jones, or Calvin Johnson, he blew them all away. For his size, in fact, he ran the fastest combine 40 of all time. He was already being projected, nearly unanimously, as a first round selection in 2019, despite numerous season ending injuries and pedestrian production in college. There’s no doubt that this obscene combine performance will cause a furor in the sports media, not unlike the one brewing around QB Kyler Murray.

Speaking of, in the span of a few days, Kyler Murray has apparently arrived. Prior to the combine, Murray was spoken of almost as a hypothetical. There was vocal doubt that he’d pass 5’9”, and his future in the NFL would ultimately be tied to his height, despite the immense talent he showed in his Heisman season. Well, the doubts have been put to rest as he surpassed 5’10”, into Russell Wilson territory, and the media has subsequently gone gangbusters over him. Dalton Johnson of NBC Sports Bay Area penned an article claiming that Murray is now nearly-universally seen as the #1 overall pick. Take that for what you will, but if is indeed the case, it makes “Bosa to the 49ers” more of a reality.

On the topic of Nick Bosa, the Ohio State edge rusher spoke with the media regarding his combine interview with the 49ers. He acknowledged that the 49ers had a strong interior defensive line, and that they needed help on the edge. He considers the 49ers a great landing place, which would seemingly put any Eli Manning concerns to rest. Fellow edge rusher Jachai Polite also met with the 49ers at the combine, but left the interview with a sour taste, as the team apparently sought to rattle his cage in the wake of rumors that Polite has maturity issues. It seems that they got the answer they needed, as Polite is on record pouting about it afterward.

I love combine season. It’s like a soap opera, with athletes.

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