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Richard Sherman not a fan of defensive pass interference non-call reviews during final two-minutes

There’s a chance of it passing and the 49ers cornerback highlighted a potential issue with the rule.

The extent of pass interference has yet to be decided in the NFL, but the players it affects are speaking out. San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman made his thoughts known on Twitter about pass interference being decided within two minutes by the officiating crew.

Reviews for pass interference have already been passed. Calls and non-calls can now be challenged on the field using coaches challenges, but only for 28 minutes in the half. Once halves hit the two-minute warning, the calls cannot be challenged and would go to the booth.

That leads to what’s coming: calls and non-calls alike can be decided by the officiating crew. This of course is where Sherman makes his point—it allows the officiating crew to alter the game.

While I see Sherman’s point (and agree), something, anything has to be done with the way things are currently. The current system sent what some may think was the wrong NFC team to the Super Bowl. At the same time, the league wants its offense to get its points, as Kyle pointed out.

The whole thing is a somewhat slippery slope when you have that and then you also have the officials now able to throw flags for personal fouls with no challenge from the coaches. As much as I’ve been calling for a sky judge, with this mentality, it may not help matters since the’ll be helping twist the narrative that is being presented.

However this gets decided, it’s going to be a mess in 2019. Be ready for it. The good news is that once 2019 is out of the way, hopefully the NFL will continue building a better system than the one that was being used in 2018. One that is at least fair.

Because what we did have, subjective or not, simply wasn’t working and was showing it’s cracks.