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Cardinals had dinner with Nick Bosa on Friday

Don’t count him out just yet.

Unless you’re a Nick Bosa hater and pleading to the football gods to change this outcome, much has been predicted that Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray will go to the Arizona Cardinals first overall and the Ohio State defensive end will go to the San Francisco 49ers at second.

Well this should give you hope. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Cardinals are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to meet with Bosa for dinner.

The Murray pick isn’t set in stone yet and no matter what the Cardinals’ decision is, it would be more concerning (well, if you’re a Cardinals fan anyways) if they weren’t dining Bosa. He’s perceived as the best player available in the draft by many pundits and Arizona has the first pick. Much like any job interview, you speak with as many candidates as possible even if your decision is already made to solidify things and make absolutely sure you’re filling the right seat.

Of course, if the Cardinals have really decided on Murray, Bosa could knock their socks off in the dinner and they change course on everything. If you really, really want Bosa, time to hope he bombs this dinner. Hard. That would help the Cardinals in their decision to get Murray.

Well that and if they can find a suitor for Josh Rosen.