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Jed York *may* have a better idea than the 4th and 15 onside kick situation

Closest to the pin, anyone?

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Another slow Saturday of news, but if you’ve been watching Twitter, you’ve been seeing some impressive golf shots by members of the San Francisco 49ers. This weekend is the Golden Getaway, an event with proceeds going to the 49ers Foundation. You can read more info on the event here.

The golfing is a big part of this. And 49ers offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey shows off an impressive swing for clubs that are maybe not quite fit for him.

The best part though is Jed York’s retweet of an impressive golf shot by McGlinchey:

The 4th and 15 onside kick was a proposed rule change that would allow teams one shot to have a 4th and 15 play instead of an onside kick. While it had a good shot at being passed (and indications it would), it ultimately was voted down. The idea was this would make the game more exciting and allow a team a better chance at a comeback, but it was met with a polarizing response from fans.

A closest to the pin challenge in the 4th quarter, in pads, with offensive tackles would be something to see. You want the offense to have the ball? Well, get Mr. Willy-the-Wedge ready to go. Oh, and the clubs must be smaller than the player using them.

Especially on with the field in Levi’s Stadium where all sorts of divots could be made. If that doesn’t tear it it apart, maybe a game of knobby could be in order.

The big question is where you put the pins. Maybe the pin is the goal post? Problem with that is, the moment a shank happens, someone in the crowd may get pelted by a golf ball (and that hurts), but the goal posts seem like the perfect stand-in. You could even have the officials with “Quiet Please!” signs to hold up when the tackles get ready to make their shots.

Let me know how you think this could work. Maybe we can get a proposal together without getting laughed at.