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Jimmy G vs. the Houston Texans

After this is where it gets really interesting

Last week we went over Jimmy Garoppolo’s first start with the San Francisco 49ers. Everyone is still recovering from the emotion watching those highlights, but I don’t care, let’s go to the second start he had in 2017. That start was against the Houston Texans, and it was pretty.

Anyone who was worried the league would figure this Jimmy G thing out by game two was sorely mistaken as he once again did what he does best and slung the ball around the field. Those Garrett Celek catches are thing of beauty. The 49ers defense broke down a few times, against a backup quarterback no less, in T.J. Yates. Dontae Johnson was torched by DeAndre Hopkins all day for the most part. But whatever the Texans offense could do allowed Garoppolo time to just lead the charge up time and time again.

Now there were some un-Jimmy G things in this game. For one thing Garoppolo threw a really ugly interception in the game. There were also some jump balls that the 49ers came down with, but had an arm of a Texans defender fighting for it also. How the 49ers managed to hold onto those I may never know.

But this is T.J. Yates the 49ers were up against. Getting a lead was a forgone conclusion and after a few swift Robbie Gould kicks later, the 49ers had this thing taken care of 26-16. Garoppolo finished with 334 yards, a touchdown and an interception in the game.

As always, the DMCA biscuits may not let us watch it here, so go here to see it if that’s the case.