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Mike Person contract details have arrived

It’s a deal that gives the 49ers plenty of flexibility.

The San Francisco 49ers agreed to terms on a three-year contract with Mike Person over the weekend, and details have arrived courtesy of Jason Hurley. The deal was initially reported as three years and $9 million, but it appears to be worth $8.25 million. It includes a $1 million guaranteed roster bonus, $250,000 in per-game roster bonus money each year, and $50,000 workout bonuses each year.

The deal is actually not too much different than what the 49ers paid Garry Gilliam last year on a two year deal. The cap hits are higher, but not so much as to secure Person’s roster spot for the length of the deal. The 49ers retain a solid contributor at right guard, while also maintaining the flexibility needed if they find a better option. This means Joshua Garnett will likely have a legitimate shot at the job this offseason, and the team is not precluded from drafting a young option for the future.

We don’t know what incentives might be included, but for now, here is roughly what the deal looks like.


Base: $1.45 million
Roster bonus: $1.25 million
Workout bonus: $50,000


Base: $2.2 million
Roster bonus: $250,000
Workout bonus: $50,000


Base: $2.7 million
Roster bonus: $250,000
Workout bonus: $50,000