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Report: Cowboys out of Earl Thomas bidding before it really begins

Seattle Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas is set to hit the open market a week from today, and it appears he has already priced himself out of the Dallas Cowboys’ price point according to one report.

The Cowboys have a big financial obligation to edge rusher DeMarcus Lawrence under the franchise tag, and they are expected to try and work on a contract extension with quarterback Dak Prescott. They could figure out a way to sign Thomas, but it would likely hamstring their many upcoming issues beyond Lawrence and Prescott — including Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliott.

Thomas wants to get top of the market money, and is not prepared to give the Cowboys a hometown discount. Although he is from Texas, went to UT, and his family resides in Austin, he is looking for the max deal he can find. The Cowboys have done a good job developing their young talent, and Calvin Watkins’ report suggests they are not prepared to make a major financial deviation from that plan.

The 49ers have the space to make it happen, but we don’t really know where they stand on Thomas. They could use upgrades at safety, but top of the line money? I guess it will depend on the kind of length Thomas is looking for on this deal. He turns 30 this offseason, which means this is probably his last chance at a big payday. I’m guessing he’ll look for as many years and dollars as he can manage.