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Should the 49ers draft Nick Bosa or trade down?

The draft analyst world thinks Kyler Murray is going to the Arizona Cardinals.

It only took a couple days of the 2019 NFL Combine to flip mock drafts on their ear. Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray measured up to the necessary height and weight, and the rumors have been running rampant that Arizona will use the No. 1 pick on him. It remains to be seen what to make of the veracity of the rumors, but that’s where we stand.

On Wednesday, Rob Lowder took a look at three mock drafts that had moved Murray into the No. 1 spot. Not too long after his article, Todd McShay published his latest 2019 NFL mock draft, and he is joining the growing list of analysts projecting Murray to Arizona. In doing so, he is joining a growing list of analysts who in turn have the San Francisco 49ers selecting Ohio State edge rusher Nick Bosa at No. 2. Here’s what McShay had to say about that pick.

The Niners will be hunting for pass-rushers this offseason, and getting the best overall player in the class at No. 2 would be a fantastic start. Bosa has length, speed and power from the edge, and it’s fathomable that the Buckeye paces San Francisco’s defensive line in sacks as a rookie. He’s that good.

Bosa seems like a sure-fire pick at No. 2, but it does have me thinking. If Murray goes No. 1 and the board is wide open, how much of of an offer would you want to see for the 49ers to trade back and not pick Bosa? It would depend in large part on who was willing to move up. The New York Giants are reportedly interested in Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins, and there are a few other teams that might be interested in Haskins and willing to move up.

Additionally, if the 49ers like the depth of first round edge rusher options, maybe they are willing to pass on Bosa if it means they can get a haul of picks. If another team badly wants Bosa (or Quinnen Williams, or whomever), maybe the 49ers can grab a future first and a second. The Colts, Eagles, Texans, Patriots, and Chiefs all have two second round picks this year, so maybe the 49ers could turn No. 2 into a move down in the first round, multiple seconds this year, and a future first.

I have no idea what the market will dictate, but if such a situation arose, would you be willing to pass on Bosa?