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49ers scout discusses the selection of Mike McGlinchey

The San Francisco 49ers Studios crew has consistently put together a lot of fun and sometimes informative content about the team. The most notable is the Brick-by-Brick series during training camp, but recently they launched a new series called Meet The Scouts.

It looks like the series will center around the under-the-radar scouts that get the organization ready for the draft each year. We know scouts are flying around the country assessing players and helping John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan build out the big board for the April draft. However, for most teams, we generally don’t get a chance to learn much about the guys, and often can’t even put a face to a name.

The series launched on Wednesday with midwest regional scout Steve Rubio. He is entering his eighth season with the 49ers, and his sixth as an area scout. His region includes Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, among others, and that meant he was the scout assigned to assess then Notre Dame tackle Mike McGlinchey. He offered up some of his thoughts on McGlinchey, and also what it was like when Lynch told Rubio on draft day that the 49ers were gonna pick McGlinchey. Rubio said his previous high pick was a fifth-rounder, so this was an especially proud moment for him.

It’s a fun video, and I’m looking forward to more from this series.