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49ers see slight bump in Super Bowl odds heading into free agency

How high might they claim in the next couple weeks?

NFL free agency formally opens next Wednesday, and with it will come all sorts of roster churning. We already know several trades that will go down, and there are plenty of impact players set to change teams. While plenty of the usual suspects will remain good or bad, we know that roster churn in the NFL results in plenty of changes in playoff teams.

The San Francisco 49ers were viewed as a contender for a wild card berth last year prior to Jimmy Garoppolo’s torn ACL. A year later, they are once again expected to contend for a playoff berth if Garoppolo fully recovers. The question is how far away from contending for a Super Bowl are they? The playoffs are a big first step given how the past five years have gone, but the end goal is to win Super Bowls.

The Westgate SuperBook released updated Super Bowl odds at the beginning of this week. Back in January, the 49ers opened at 40/1, tied for 19th with the Carolina Panthers and New York Giants. The latest odds saw them improve to 30/1, tied for 15th with the Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, and Cleveland Browns.

The 49ers have been mostly quiet the past two months, and so it is safe to say their odds improved because the Westgate is seeing money come in on their Super Bowl future. If you think Jimmy G will be healthy for the season and is a difference-maker quarterback, you could easily see some value in the 49ers at 40/1. Add in the No. 2 overall pick and a lot of cap space and it’s not surprising to see people investing in them.

The big question right now is how aggressive the team will be in free agency. The next set of Super Bowl odds will likely arrive in early April after the first couple waves of player signings. If the 49ers were to get aggressive and add Earl Thomas, Trey Flowers, and maybe a Tyrell Williams or Golden Tate (or pick your wide receiver of choice), I could see more money coming in and improving that futures number even further.