Channeling My Inner Bill Walsh

Boredom week ... chores done for the day ... how about some quick craziness just for the hell of it?

Everybody knows that Bill Walsh was a HOF head coach. But he was also his own aggressive general manager (while John McVay had the GM title he really did what Paraag Marathe does now while Walsh made the roster decisions) and was particularly effective because (1) he believed adamantly in the "inside/out method" of scouting, (2) like Kyle Shanahan (who learned it from his dad, who learned it from Walsh), he knew exactly what he wanted in players at each position in his scheme, and (3) he was fearless and willing to do what was necessary at draft time to go get the specific prospects that he wanted. Very frequently this meant trading draft picks to make that happen. Some of his drafting moves were legendary.

Let's try to project what Walsh might have done in the next seven weeks if he was looking at the Niners current roster and the free agents and draft prospects that are available for this roster-building cycle.

Obviously anything that is done in the draft depends first upon what's been done in free agency. So, let me first project a few free agent transactions preceding the draft. For that, let's just assume that Lynch/Shanahan do the following in free agency:

RB Raheem Mostert (Already Done) RB Alfred Morris
LB Mark Nzeocha DB Jimmie Ward
LB Elijah Lee (Already Done) P Bradley Pinion
LS Kyle Nelson
FS Earl Thomas (Seattle) TE Garrett Celek
CB Pierre Desir (Indianapolis) TE Ross Dwelley
SAM LB Anthony Barr (Minnesota) DL Sheldon Day
TE Jesse James (Pittsburgh)

Now it's time for the draft ... fasten your seatbelts!

Trade #1

Arizona selects QB Kyler Murray at Pick #1/1. The New York Giants want to be sure that the Raiders don't sneek in and poach QB Dwayne Haskins in fromt of them so agree to the following trade:

Giants acquire Pick #1/2 (value 2600) from San Francisco in exchange for ...

Pick #1/6 (1600) plus Pick #2/37 (530) plus Pick #5/142 (34) plus the Giants' 2020 second-round pick

Trade #2

Denver, wanting to select QB Drew Lock as their developmental QB behind Flacco, becomes concerned that two QBs are already off the board in the first two picks and want to jump in front of Jacksonville. Accordingly, trusting that the Jets, Raiders or Bucs won't select a QB, Denver agrees to the following trade:

Broncos acquire Pick #1/6 (1600) from San Francisco in exchange for ...

Pick #1/10 (1300) plus Pick #3/71 (235) plus Pick #4/113 (68)

Trade #3

Lynch and Shanahan are targeting a specific player with their highest second-round pick but are concerned that that prospect may be gone before Pick #2/36. Accordingly, they make the following trade:

San Francisco acquires Pick #1/30 (620) and Pick #6/194 (13) from the Green Bay Packers in exchange for ...

Pick #2/36 (540) plus Pick #4/113 (68) plus Pick #6/176 (21)


Finally it's time to select some players and here's what Lynch/Shanahan do:

Pick #1/10 (Denver): E Montez Sweat (Mississippi State)

Pick #1/30 (Green Bay): WR AJ Brown (Mississippi)

Pick #2/37 (New York): OL Dalton Risner (Kansas State) or OG Chris Lindstrom (Boston College)

Pick #3/67 (Own): WR Hakeem Butler (Iowa State)

Pick #3/71 (Denver): LB Tre Lamar (Clemson)

Pick #4/104 (Own): TE Josh Oliver (San Jose State)

Pick #5/142 (New York): S Sheldrick Redwine (Miami FL)

Pick #6/ 194 (Green Bay): RB LJ Scott (Michigan State)

Pick #6/212 (Own): P Mitch Wishnowsky (Utah)


A parenthetical note: In addition to McKinnon and Breida, Garoppolo would be throwing to:

Wide receivers ... AJ Brown (6'), Pettis, Butler (6'5+"), Goodwin, Taylor, and Bourne

Tight ends ... Kittle (6'4"), James (6'7"), and Oliver (6'5")

With Kyle's scheming, have fun covering that group!


It's crazy ... but Walsh did yet crazier things.

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