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No new news on Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Watch is immortal

We all thought Antonio Brown was going to have this new team thing figured out. Soon. Well, we’re still waiting. Then again, this is the guy who said he’d do a 10-question AMA and stopped at five. This is also the same guy who said it wasn’t about the money and not even a week later said the exact opposite.

At this point you can’t be surprised anymore.

On Thursday evening, Mr. Big Chest himself was thought to be traded to the Buffalo Bills. As the night wore on, that trade fell apart because Brown didn’t want to go to Buffalo. Friday morning, Brown said per his Instagram page he’d have an announcement on his new team. Almost 24 hours later, we’re still waiting.

Friday evening, Gerry Dulac reported the Steelers are getting close to a deal to trade Brown and three teams are “still alive” in the negotiations. Brown was apparently wearing silver and black in the video above, so make of that what you want. Also, Jason La Canfora is claiming the Raiders and Eagles are the two teams he is hearing most closely linked.

There are two things to really be wondering here: the first, is why is Brown under contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but treating this like free agency? It’s understandable for players to be firm as processes like this take place, but Brown has gone from firm to downright uncooperative.

The other: just what the hell does Brown have on the Steelers? Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio suggested it might be the other way around. The Steelers may be trying to get rid of Brown. And why? Because Ben Roethlisberger wants to get rid of Brown. There’s the front office, and there’s the coaching staff to impress and then on the Steelers, there’s Big Ben. He’s already ran Todd Haley out (who Brown had some of his best years under) and now he might be wanting Brown out as well. Given Brown’s history with the Steelers quarterback, it wouldn’t be too far fetched. There’s not much in the way of hard evidence to lead with this, but it’s an interesting theory.

With that consideration, maybe that’s part of the fuel to Brown’s antics. He doesn’t want the Steelers to win since they sided with Roethlisberger.

Or maybe I’m reading into this way too hard. All I really want to know personally isn’t what Brown or the Steelers are doing, but why the Oakland Raiders would trade a young receiver with his prime still ahead of him and then go get a receiver on the fringe of entering the twilight of his career.

If your head is spinning and saying none of this; the scenario, the trade, the partners, this POST make any sense, all I can tell you is, you’re not alone.

All I have to say is there is no new news on Antonio Brown, but he said there would be.

And I’m not surprised.