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Reuben Foster fined, not suspended for November incident

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The former 49ers linebacker will be scratching some checks, but nothing else in relation to his November arrest

Former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster will be fined two game checks by the NFL for his recent domestic violence incident in November that led to his release.

Two game checks. No suspension.

There is no further discipline planned for Foster’s future. Several reports came out that Foster would not receive a suspension but a fine. NFL released a statement a short time later:

Today, the NFL notified Reuben Foster of the Washington that he will be fined two game checks following a review of recent incidents and an assessment of his adherence to obligations arising from previous violations of league policies. Following a thorough investigation, the evidence did not support a finding that Foster violated the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy in connection with the Tampa incident in November 2018. The NFL has returned Foster to the active roster from the Commissioner Exempt list. He may fully participate in all team activities.

Foster has acknowledged that he is responsible for his actions, and he has committed to a comprehensive accountabilIty plan developed by the league, the NFLPA, and the Washington to help him grow personally and avoid future misconduct. Foster was advised that any future incidents will likely result in more substantial discipline.

Foster followed up the NFL’s statement with one of his own:

Foster was arrested for the third time the weekend of the San Francisco 49ers away game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was Foster’s second domestic violence arrest within a year—both with the same alleged victim. The 49ers released him hours after the incident. He was then picked up off waivers by Washington and subsequently placed on the commissioner’s exempt list while an investigation could be put together.

Both of Foster’s domestic violence arrests did not make it far through the legal system. His first case was dismissed by the judge due to prosecutors having insufficient evidence and the second incident was dropped by the prosecution before he could enter a courtroom.

Foster served a suspension to start the 2018 season stemming from an arrest for possession of marijuana, and charges of an illegal firearm, the latter of which were additional charges from his first domestic violence arrest.

Foster will be able to begin the 2019 NFL season with Washington without a suspension looming.