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Solomon Thomas’ steaks vs. D.J. Jones’ ribs is the true battle of the roster

Can I eat both?

There’s on-field battles and then there’s the off-field battles. In Solomon Thomas and D.J. Jones’ case, their off-field battle in cooking could be far more battle than any competition they would have with others in roster spots.

The two were featured on 49ers’ social media having a cook-off. This isn’t two random hacks. You have D.J. Jones, who is the son of a BBQ restaurant owner, cooking ribs. He’s up against the delicacy that is Solomon Thomas’ steaks. Say what you want about their play on the field, just a glimpse of the food they make off it makes me want to find whatever funds available.

Keiana Martin was the judge on who was the better chef and she couldn’t make a decision. I don’t know who could with the food in front of them. Given Jones was using a family recipe and was up against what I believe is Thomas’ own cooking skills, it’s pretty impressive how the two are neck and neck in a cook off.

Anyways, it’s a slow Sunday beyond Tiger Woods winning the Masters and this is making me hungry so I’m going to go cook an El Pato steak. If Thomas or Jones wants to post their recipes it’d be appreciated for my draft party.