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Jerry Rice takes A.J. Brown to the hill

Judging by that photo, I’m not sure who’s the college prospect

Sure, pass rusher is what the San Francisco 49ers are looking at but it’s also pretty clear they are looking for another wide receiver. One that can bring that No. 1 mentality and take Kyle Shanahan’s offense to the next level. A.J. Brown has been mocked in a few 49ers drafts, though it’s lessened as days get closer to the draft and he goes a bit earlier.

Still, the 49ers might want to find a way to trade into the first round. For starters, the kid wants to learn. And if you’re going to learn wide receiver, you may as well go no further than with the GOAT:

Gee, not sure which one is the guy that’s 56 years old.

Now, I believe that is none other than “The Hill.” You know, “The Hill” at The Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve. In an appearance on 95.7 The Game, Rice mentioned he was taking Brown to the hill.

Jerry Rice has always offered his training services for whoever would listen. When the 49ers drafted A.J. Jenkins in 2012, Rice offered to take Jenkins under his wing and hit up the hill. Whether Jenkins responded or not is up for debate. Regardless of answer, the hill is no joke. Rice has always been open to training, but for some reason it seems like any possible pupils lose his number.

So you’re probably wondering what this “Hill” is I’m talking about it. It’s pretty much a 49ers legend that Jerry Rice ran this hill quite often. A hill which is over two miles. It was what helped him stay in tip-top shape. Well, that and him only taking two weeks off in the offseason.

While on the 49ers’ Reddit, I found a great piece that explains the history of the hill and just how brutal it could be.

Given that Brown is the first wide receiver (by recent memory) that has accepted an invite to train on the hill, that should say something on draft day.