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49ers to wear 1994 all-white throwback uniforms as alternates again this season

The team did this Week 7 last year when the Niners hosted the Rams

The San Francisco 49ers teased that they were going to bring back the retro white jerseys from the 1994 Super Bowl season on Instagram this morning:

The team did this last year right around the same time. They didn’t announce when they would bust these bad boys out until July, though. The 49ers ended up sporting the 1994 Super Bowl-winning team’s all-white uniforms during Sunday Night Football in Week 7 when they hosted the division-rival and Super Bowl runner-up Los Angeles Rams.

The uniform features white jerseys and pants, the iconic drop shadow number, three stripe sleeve, black and red pant stripes, and a throwback oval decal on the side of helmet and throwback wordmark on front bumper of helmet.

With three primetime games, that’d be a perfect time to wear the jerseys. If you’re interested in buying them, the team usually announced a pre-order sale on where you can purchase the newest jerseys in May. If you recall, the white jerseys replaced the all-black jerseys that were worn in 2017 as alternates.

Do you think these jerseys should be worn more than just one home game? What game do you think the team should wear these?