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Four players the 49ers could trade for more picks in the 2019 NFL Draft

If John Lynch wants more picks, these guys could be on their way out

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch loves to move around in the NFL Draft. He’s been no stranger to trading up, down, or including players. With the Niners only having six picks in this years draft, I’m expecting this to be another weekend full of trades. We don’t know who the team will select, but if Quinnen Williams is the pick, I think it’s a safe assumption that a guy like Arik Armstead is on his way out. The pick you can get back for a guy who has performed like Armstead will be very interesting, especially when you consider where he was selected. I wonder what other teams feel like Armstead is valued at. The team getting rid of a one-year, $9 million contract could open the door for acquiring another player, perhaps.

Save Solly

Solomon Thomas is the other popular mention to trade. I’m holding on to Thomas unless I get a deal that blows my socks off. While he’s been inconsistent, I’m okay with Thomas going into the season as my third pass rusher. My guess is Thomas will be a lot better with more space to work with and when there are three other good players rushing the passer, too. With reports that he’s on the trade block, there’s nothing new to say here.

Good as gone?

It’s being reported that Robbie Gould isn’t going anywhere. I’m calling bluff. Not saying that Gould will be traded, but I imagine there will be discussions about Gould. Lynch will have a difficult time determining what Gould’s worth is, too. He’s a phenomenal kicker. He’s also a kicker. At the very best, I would imagine you get a late-round pick for Gould. There’s no rush to do anything, but it would be wise to put some feelers out there. I wonder if there have been discussions between Gould and the front office. If Gould says he simply will not play, then you have to deal him.

Maybe Marquise?

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is on record saying that he’d like to dial Goodwin’s role back. Teams cover the blazing speed Goodwin possesses. Both the Philadelphia Eagles and their division rivals in Washington are both looking for speed. Seems like the Indianapolis Colts are always looking for that. You can’t tell me Goodwin wouldn’t be an upgrade in Baltimore.

Goodwin’s cap number for 2019 is a shade under $4 million. If Shanahan knows he can replace Goodwin’s production, it’d be smart to flip him into a draft pick. The team is expected to draft a wide receiver early in the draft. If you get a fourth-round pick for Goodwin, I think you’re happy with that.

Something is going to happen over the next few days. It’s fun to speculate which player the team might deal or try to acquire.