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What draft pick can the 49ers get for Solomon Thomas?

This is going to be fascinating to find out

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

ProFootballTalk is reporting that the San Francisco 49ers are shopping Solomon Thomas, the third pick in the 2017 draft. This is going to open up Pandora’s box. While this really shouldn’t come as a surprise—as these rumors have been floating around for over a month now—it still is. Many fans are upset as the team has done Thomas zero favors with his two years with the Niners. He probably shouldn’t have been playing outside. Predominantly, anyways. Thomas played 21% of his snaps inside in 2018. Many of those came after Week 12, when he was playing his best football.

I’ve seen many people reading this as the 49ers are interested in drafting Quinnen Williams. Other people seem to think it means that the team is expecting to get Nick Bosa. Nobody knows. What I’m interested in is what sort of compensation the team can get for Thomas.

You’re not going to get a first or second-round pick. That just isn’t happening. While you can project what Thomas can be, teams aren’t going to give that up for a guy that hasn’t produced. If a team called today and said they are offering a third-round pick, I’d take it. Realistically, Thomas will be traded for something later than that. I know it may not seem right, considering where he was drafted, but that just doesn’t matter two years later. It’s about what Thomas has put on the field.

Today is going to be a wild ride. What would you accept in a trade for Thomas, assuming you’re willing to even make a deal.