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Tracking 49ers undrafted free agent signings following 2019 NFL Draft

The 2019 NFL Draft is a wrap, and now we move to UDFA signings

The 2019 NFL Draft is wrapping up, and with the San Francisco 49ers are walking away with eight picks added to their roster (provided there isn’t a last second trade into the seventh round). Now the 49ers turn to free agency to get those that did not get a draft pick burned for their acquisition. Not only will the 49ers be signing UDFAs, they could be releasing other players to make room for them on the 90-man roster.

It is worth noting that these names are not official yet. The 49ers will announce their signings at some point in the next couple weeks. However, this time is notorious for players deciding on one team and then choosing another or a reporter getting the UDFA signing wrong or confusing a rookie minicamp invite for an actual signing. We’ll keep track of all the rumors here, and then we’ll post the official list once the 49ers confirm it.

Many of these UDFAs are destined for the practice squad, but Kyle Shanahan has managed to get production from UDFAs, running back Matt Breida and wide receiver Kendrick Bourne come to mind for UDFAs that have made their place on the team. Regardless, we all know we have to find that next Kory Sheets Was Our Future winner as well. We’ll see what this year’s process brings.

Niners Nation will be posting tweets as they appear, but I have also dropped in a widget featuring the 49ers beat writer Twitter list. There should be plenty of info there.

Update: 9:30 P.M. 49ers get another linebacker.

Update 6:30 Iowa guard Ross Reynolds is off to the 49ers.

Update: 5:15

Update: 4:15

Update 4:00

Update 3:45