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New 49ers LB Dre Greenlaw has battled through a lot to make it to the NFL

There was an incredible story that came about about him over the weekend

Arkansas v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

One thing that the media can’t take into account is the background or the story of a player when evaluating hundreds and hundreds of players. In the case of the newest San Francisco linebacker Dre Greenlaw, the stories that resurfaced over the weekend were nothing short of incredible. Let’s start with the time it was bigger than football.

Read this thread:

What an incredible story. In the wake of what the President is tweeting, or what type of people the Kansas City Chiefs are dealing with, these stories are refreshing. That’s pretty awesome that Gerry Dales shared that. Stories like this make it impossible to not root for a guy like Greenlaw.

When you find out the life he has lived and how he has persevered, you hope he blossoms into a star.

I’m sure there are plenty of players that have struggled, or would do the same in Greenlaw’s situation the night of the party. Being able to hear about it means something. The fact that the father of a girl is able to share this several years later means Greenlaw made an impact on their lives. Hopefully, the same goes for the 49ers.