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49ers announced signing of punter Mitch Wishnowsky

The punter is officially on the roster.

The San Francisco 49ers have made their picks and now they have to get them signed up to play. The team announced Tuesday evening that they have signed their new punter and 2019 fourth round pick Mitch Wishnowsky to a 4-year deal.

Wishnowsky is the first of the eight draft picks to sign with the team. So it looks like the 49ers started with the punter and will work from there. More signings will be coming in the next few days. Most of these negotiations are simple, but sometimes you can run into trouble. Joey Bosa and the Los Angeles Chargers had contract disputes during Bosa’s rookie season that kept him off the field a bit longer than one would have like their rookies to be.

In any case, the 49ers have the punter onboard.

49ers draft picks to be signed:

1. First round: No. 2 overall Nick Bosa, Defensive end, Ohio State
2. Second round: (36 overall)Deebo Samuel, Wide receiver, South Carolina
3. Third round: (67 overall)Jalen Hurd, Wide receiver, Baylor
4. Fourth round: (110 overall) Mitch Wishnowsky, Punter, Utah SIGNED
5. Fifth round: (No. 148) Dre Greenlaw, linebacker, Arkansas
6. Sixth round: (No. 176) Kaden Smith, tight end, Stanford
7. Sixth round: (183 overall) Justin Skule, OT, Vanderbilt
8. Sixth round: (198 overall) Tim Harris, CB, Virginia