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Could the addition of DL coach Kris Kocurek hint at the 49ers draft plans?

There are some trade rumors floating around, so this makes even more sense

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

It’ll be rumor central the next few weeks. Some of these rumors will have legs. Let’s start with Matt Miller from Bleacher Report and what he’s hearing.

“Don’t overthink this s--t. If [Nick] Bosa is on the board, the Niners are picking Bosa.” A rival scout who has deep connections to Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers told me that this week when I checked in on league happenings.

That’s not anything new, but the addition of new defensive line coach Kris Kocurek could hint that the San Francisco 49ers may be looking elsewhere in the first round. Kocurek comes from a “Wide 9” background. We’ll get into that later this morning and what that means for the 49ers defense. For now, let’s just keep it simple. It means your edge rusher will line up about a yard and a half outside of the end man on the line of scrimmage on offense. So even if there’s a tight end, the “wide 9” player will be outside of that player. That is essentially Dee Ford. In this defense, that player is a pure pass rusher, not unlike Ford.

Rumor mill

It may sound silly, but Bosa may not be the best fit for what Kocurek wants to do. To me, if your scheme can’t fit Bosa, you probably need a new scheme. Okay, back to the rumors. A little birdie told me that the Oakland Raiders are fascinated by Bosa. That Jon Gruden loves him some Bosa. That same person said the 49ers will take Bosa “if they have to”, but they aren’t thrilled about it based on the fit and the other players they currently have.

Again, take this for what it’s worth, but it’s information. That’s all we’re looking for here.

The teams would swap picks 2 and 4, with the 49ers likely getting the Raiders 24th or 27th overall selection this year. So now the question becomes Is Bosa better than the two players you could get in the first round?