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How many undrafted free agents will make the 49ers roster?

It has to be a defensive back or an offensive lineman, right?

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Nothing has been finalized just yet for the San Francisco 49ers UDFA class. As of now, the team has agreed to terms with 12 players:

RB Wesley Fields, Georgia Southern

DL Hunter Synder, Florida Atlantic

LB Deonte Roberts, Rutgers

S Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles, Arizona

OG Ross Reynold, Iowa

DT Kevin Givens, Penn State

QB Wilton Speight, Michigan

WR Malik Henry, West Georgia

DB Cam Glenn, Wake Forest

DT Kevin Givens, Penn State

Long snapper, Chris Wilkerson, Stephen F. Austin

TE Tyree Mayfield, Wyoming

Who makes it?

Just digging around, I initially thought Roberts would have a shot. He’s 230 pounds and tested below average. Small and slow isn’t a great combination at linebacker.

Givens likely gets drafted if he goes back for his senior year. He feels like a prime candidate for the practice squad. A defensive tackle that wins with quickness, but could stand to get stronger.

Glenn worked out for the 49ers pre-draft, but he’s another guy that’s small and slow. The odds are stacked against his type.

The more you read up on these players, the more it feels like Reynolds is the guy. Iowa is a heavy inside zone team, just like the 49ers. The fit matters. In these zone run schemes, it’s important to get guys that are good athletes. Players that can execute blocks on the move. He’s 295 pounds, so he’s viewed as undersized. When Iowa ran to the outside, it wasn’t an issue for Reynolds to get to the edger and cut off defenders.

Reynolds struggled against Mississippi State DT Jeffery Simmons, but most everyone did. He started just one year at left guard. Reynolds showed enough in 2018 to be the swing guard for the 49ers.

Who is going to be the UDFA that we all fall in love with during training camp? If I had to guess how many, I’d say two. Reynolds and Givens. With Givens more than likely joining the practice squad.