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Brian Baldinger breaks down Jalen Hurd in a Baldy Breakdown

Oh yes, please!

Those of you new to the program should know that we’re big fans of Brian Baldinger’s “Baldy Breakdowns.” Yes, even the ones where he’s critical of the San Francisco 49ers. For as little production put into them, they are better than some of the segments you’ll see on the cable networks.

Well, he’s back with a look at recent draft pick, wide receiver Jalen Hurd. How Hurd is going to be used is anyone’s guess, but Baldinger makes a point that the game is evolving into “positionless” football. If you can play, you’ll be used in a variety of formations.

That might be a better designation for Hurd rather than my own questions on if he’s going to transition to tight end. Maybe Hurd is just a positionless play (super valuable if that’s the case). That’s always been the swiss army knife, but Hurd could take it to a new level.

Baldinger does approve of this pick and shows where this is going to be useful for the 49ers in 2019 and beyond.