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Nick Bosa No. 1 candidate for PFF’s Defensive Rookie of the Year

He gets this, drop your concerns at the door.

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A few days back we brought up a Pro Football Focus list of candidates for offensive rookie of the year. San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel was fifth on the list. Now we turn to the defensive side of the ball and PFF has their own list for defensive rookie of the year. The 49ers first pick of the 2019 NFL Draft and 2nd overall, Nick Bosa is No. 1 on the list. This should not be any surprise given that he was seen as the best overall player in the draft. Here’s what PFF said about his candidacy:

The top defensive player went to the perfect scheme fit in San Francisco and, with almost no depth at the position, he’ll rarely be asked to come off the field. Add in the fact that older brother Joey had double-digit sacks in only 12 games as a rookie (you may have read they’re a lot alike) and Nick is the clear front runner.

It’s all riding on if Bosa can stay healthy. From what I’ve read in comments, that’s been the largest concern on Nick Bosa in 2019 and beyond. If he can stay healthy, the 49ers will have a very big piece that answers one of their biggest problems from the 2018 season.

That said, there’s one other thing to bring up as well. The same thing I brought up when I brought up Samuel’s Offensive Rookie of the Year: wouldn’t it be awesome if both of them got their respective awards. There’s nothing more to say “excellent draft” than your first and second picks getting the rookie of the year awards for their work on each side of the ball.

Back to Bosa, there’s also that point Bobby brought up about Bosa not just being the Defensive Rookie of the Year, but Defensive Player of the Year. Could it happen? Well he has a great argument.

If that were to happen along with Samuel getting his respective ROY, the 49ers would have to be something special in 2019. If they aren’t they at least have shown they are just about there.

It’s a longshot, but I’d love seeing both of them get their rewards. But if it’s just Bosa and this one, it may lower some concerns. At least, for a little while.