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Mike McGlinchey will be having an interesting Mother’s Day

The 49ers offensive lineman might be having a chat with his mom at brunch.

The San Francisco 49ers have been making their presence known while the San Jose Sharks are in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Kyle already caught some of their shenanigans the other day when the offensive line let the Sharks out of the locker room. Beyond that, several gems that will no doubt become victory gifs on the Niners Nation boards. This is one such gif candidate:

Of course, that tweet has been making the rounds. It’s worth doing a second post on alone, but what really is the icing on the cake is the reaction from Mike McGlinchey’s mom:

I wouldn’t normally be having a post on what his mother’s reaction is, but A: that statement is gold and B: today is Mother’s Day. Boy, what I would give to be able to listen in on that conversation.

Will the waterboarding of beers be topped? If the 49ers win an NFC Championship or the Super Bowl, they better get cameras in there pronto. We don’t need any reactions from anyone on the team but the offensive line. Just stick the tripods on those guys and then step away. Everyone wins with this method.

Then again, I don’t know if anyone is prepared to watch something like that. Or to hear what his mother will say after such a celebration.