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49ers 90-in-90: WR Max McCaffrey

Breaking down the 90 players on the 49ers offseason roster in 90 posts (over 90 or so days). Today is wide receiver Max McCaffrey

While Max McCaffrey’s brother, Christian makes the rounds as a devastating running back with the Carolina Panthers, Max McCaffrey is just making the rounds on various NFL practice squads. This is a football family, but not all siblings are created equal.

McCaffrey didn’t get very far in 2018, he was waived with a foot injury before the season even started. He was added to the practice squad in November and was activated in late December, once the 49ers couldn’t keep anyone healthy on the team. His 2018 sums up his entire career: practice squad then potential last-minute call up at season’s end/postseason. The exception is 2017 where he was brought to the active roster for the Jacksonville Jaguars for a few weeks before getting waived.

2019 shouldn’t be any different, not with this San Francisco 49ers wide receiver group. Unless McCaffrey trained on King Kai’s planet in the offseason, there’s few situations besides catastrophe that see him on the 53-man roster at the conclusion of training camp.

Basic info

Age: 24 (turns 25 May 17)
Experience: 0 accrued seasons. He has been called and dressed on an active roster twice, however he has failed to amass six games a season to equal an accrued season.
Height: 6’2
Weight: 200 lbs

Cap Status

Is going into the third year of a three-year deal. His base salary will be $660,000.

What to expect in 2019

McCaffrey has been called to active rosters a couple times and still, still, as of 2019 has one catch and four yards to show for all of it. I don’t need to remind you the competition at wide receiver he’s up against, which is even more fierce than last year. It’s going to take a trainwreck for him to make the team. The 49ers won’t need him for special teams either. Not when it means cutting one of the younger guys and stunting their growth.

Odds of making the roster

Given the position, McCaffrey may not even make it to the preseason as the 49ers may elect to cut him early in favor of a different position. There is simply far too much talent and youth in that wide receiver group to give McCaffrey consideration or a brief look. Even with the loss of one wide receiver, in a training camp injury, I can’t see any situations where McCaffrey comes to the active roster. McCaffrey is the guy that comes when your roster is devastated by injuries toward the end of the season.