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Bucky Brooks considers the 49ers 2019 draft as one of the top-five impact rookie classes

The compliments keep rolling in.

Things will continue to come in on what people think of the San Francisco 49ers’ 2019 draft, and the general consensus has been the first three picks are awesome, after that is where things get mixed reviews. Some people just don’t like punters taken in the fourth round.

We’ve been going around the league on what was said, and now’s Bucky Brooks is weighing in. He likes the 49ers and has their draft as his one of his top-five impact rookie classes. What’s interesting is that it’s not because of just Nick Bosa (though he expects big things), but more for the second round selection of Deebo Samuel and third round selection of Jalen Hurd—both wide receivers where the impact continues:

“I think the value really comes to the guys they took right after [Nick Bosa] Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd. Versatile playmakers, guys that, offensively, add some explosiveness to what Kyle Shanahan wants to do on offense. You get Jimmy Garoppolo back; you surround him with playmakers, this offense should be able to take a big jump and make them a viable contender in the NFC West.”

Jalen Hurd is quickly becoming the X-factor of this draft class (or was it the Punter? Errr nevermind). If he can pan out and put up some numbers along with Samuel and Bosa, the rest of the class is icing. Getting three productive players out of a draft would be a decent haul. Of course, this is assuming that both Bosa and Samuel can contribute. Get all three of those guys to produce in positions that were sorely lacking in 2018 and things will turn around in a hurry.