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CB Jason Verrett told SiriusXM a big reason he signed with the 49ers is their training staff

Verrett also contemplated retirement after his latest injury. Most importantly, he’ll be ready for the season

Denver Broncos v San Diego Chargers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

New San Francisco 49ers CB Jason Verrett was interviewed by Sirius XM radio on Wednesday evening. Verrett opened up about why he chose the 49ers, how his rehab is going, and if he ever considered retirement. Here’s some of the main talking points.

When asked why he chose the 49ers?

“Probably have to say the training staff, just from on my visit. They’ve dealt with a ton of injuries. Just the confidence that they had with the players they dealt with last year, and the confidence they had in their training staff, and just the program itself and getting everyone back healthy. That drew a lot of attention from me.”

Verrett on his recovery from his Achilles injury he suffered last year, and the turning point when Verrett could start to do physical activities again:

My achilles is doing good. I like where they have me right now. I’m progressing. I’ll for sure be ready for the season. I’ll probably say my turning point was around six to seven months. I could start to feel the strength return to my calf. It’s just a day-to-day thing that’s ongoing. I like the plan that they got for me

Verrett on how he’s had to stay mentally and emotionally strong through the series of injuries he’s suffered.

“It’s been a tough journey. I ain’t gonna lie to you, it’s been tough. Some long nights for me. Smile now, cry later type of things for me. Just knowing what it is that i’m capable of doing and the love that i got for the game, I just couldn’t give up on it. I’m excited that the 49ers gave me a chance.

Finally, on whether Verrett considered retirement after the latest injury.

When it happened, I definitely had thoughts in my mind about retiring for sure. Just because I worked so hard to come back from that devastating knee injury I experienced. I got back to full strength, and was out there in OTA’s. Then a freak situation happened and it was hard to deal with. I was in a dark place for a few months. Just from rehabbing and sitting on the couch for a few months. I definitely did contemplate on giving up on it.