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Golden Nuggets: Who is that Jalen Hurd guy

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday May 17, 2019.

Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

I remember asking the same exact question about a 6’-4” wide receiver named Dwight Clark back in the early eighties. Everyone remembers Dwight for “The Catch” but I remember him best for running flag routes. He would make that slight cut towards the sidelines and Joe Montana would toss those beautifully placed passes right over the defender’s grubby little paws with just the perfect touch to fall gently into the outstretched hands of our much taller receiver without him even having to alter his stride. How I use to marvel at those passes!

Now we have Jalen Hurd who at 6’-5” is another very tall wide receiver with the athletic ability to possibly be able to duplicate Dwight’s moves and a quarterback named Jimmy Garoppolo that could possibly be accurate enough to place the ball in a manner that might bring back memories of the good ole days of Montana to Clark. Who knows, perhaps it will never happen but I am going to keep my fingers crossed.

Speaking of Jimmy Garoppolo. It is widely thought that he started last season on a less than stellar note. However, a couple of days ago someone on Niners Nation was kind enough to share a link to a video of a complete film breakdown of Jimmy G’s performance against the Vikings last season. I was personally impressed enough by Jimmy G’s performance that I wanted to include a link to that video for anyone that might be interested. Can someone please give a shout out in the comments below to the person that posted the link in the first place. I really wished I remembered so I could give them credit.

I would also like to wish Quinton Dial the best of luck in his retirement. He gave everything he had for the niners and I really appreciate the effort he put in. May he find success in whatever he decides to do in life.

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