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Could Adam Peters be a G.M. candidate for the Jets?

The Jets are a mess right now, don’t be surprised if they go look for someone smart, like Peters.

In case you didn’t know, the New York Jets fired general manager Mike Maccagnan on Wednesday. The timing of the decision is curious considering that the Jets hired Adam Gase as head coach and later went into the 2019 NFL Draft, but Maccagnan is out and Gase is the interim GM. Reports say it had something to do with that large contract running back LeVeon Bell got in free agency this year, but nothing is confirmed.

So now the Jets are looking for a GM. In mid-May. With OTAs right around the corner. To say this is last-minute is an understatement.

Candidates are popping up all over the place. Atlanta Falcons assistant GM Scott Pioli stepped down on Thursday which could indicate he might be interested in pursuing the position. Another name to consider is San Francisco 49ers vice president of player personnel Adam Peters. Jets beat writer Manish Mehta speculated tha Peters is a name to keep an eye on, but there’s been nothing linking him to New York.

Peters came to the 49ers after a stint with the Denver Broncos. One where many have thought it was a favor from John Elway to John Lynch to give him [Lynch] a dependable and experienced exec to learn from. While with Denver, Peters got a chance to work with Gase while Gase was offensive coordinator so the relationship history is there.

It was obvious that Peters’ time with the 49ers would not be lengthy and whoever does take his role will have big shoes to fill. The Jets would want to get a head coach that can work with Gase like the 49ers have with Kyle Shanahan and Lynch. If Gase’s time with Peters in Denver is something he was fond of, could Peters be the next GM of the Jets?

The bigger question if Peters leaves is if he can be replaced. That’s an answer I’m even more unsure of.