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Deforest Buckner on Nick Bosa: He’s a really good dude, his work ethic is there

OTA’s are next week, so we’ll get a glimpse of the two playing together for the first time

San Francisco 49ers stud defensive tackle Deforest Buckner was on KNBR Thursday morning to discuss all things Niners. Buckner seemed pretty excited about the possibilities of the defensive line next year. Coming off a dominate year—like his new teammate Dee Ford—Buckner will have legitimate help for the first time in his four-year career. When the topic of Nick Bosa came up, the former Oregon Duck seemed impressed on his early interactions with the 49ers first-round pick:

“He’s been a really good addition for us and a really good guy to have around the room. I watched some of his film. He’s a great player, I can see why they picked him at No. 2.”

The obvious question came up, and Buckner addressed it as well:

“Honestly, none of that really comes up between the guys. I judge him based on my interactions with him and the past couple of days I’ve had with him. And he seems like he’s been a really good teammate so far. That’s what I’m basing my judgments off of from here on out.”

In life, it’s only fair to base someone off your own experiences with them. I think many people will appreciate where Buckner is coming from here.

OTA’s are next week. It won’t be much, be we’ll get a glimpse at the 49ers defensive front. I imagine during 1-on-1’s it’ll be quite different for the offensive lineman this year.