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Ted Ginn thinks he’s the fastest wide receiver in the NFL

Well, the 49ers got an olympian on their squad.

There’s no doubt about it: Ted Ginn Jr. is fast. He knows he’s fast. So fast he says he’s the fastest wide receiver in the NFL and he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is. He’s willing to bet $10,000 he can smoke anyone in a race. Yes, anyone.

Paging Marquise Goodwin.

The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver is a former Olympian who competed in the long jump. Ginn has some impressive track highlights and they were trying to recruit him into the Olympics back in college, but Ginn focused on football. Sure the sport isn’t exactly the 40, but in his 40 at the NFL Combine, Goodwin ran a 4.27.

Ginn’s? 4.37.

Many San Francisco 49ers fans fondly remember Ginn returning punts and kicks whilst leaving oppositions in the dust. Fun fact: he was the first gameball recipient during Jim Harbaugh’s tenure as head coach of the 49ers. How did he get the game ball? Well because of this.

Ginn is long gone from the 49ers and making waves elsewhere, but he’s still damn fast. If only he could be consistent at catching the ball. He’s gotten better as the years go on, but that’s been his knock.

On the other hand, Goodwin is smoking defenders left and right with his speed. Do I think he can beat Ginn in a foot race? I don’t know. They wouldn’t be dodging defenders to get into top gear, and instead have a straight, clean field in front of them, but I think he’d have a decent shot at this. A lot of Shanahan’s squad is known for their fifth gear, and Goodwin may be the top at that. Our friends over at Buffalo Rumblings put together a nice feature during Goodwin’s time with the Buffalo Bills on how fast he is.

Still, if I’m going to pick a player to take on Ginn at this challenge, I’d select Goodwin. Put these two on a track and make it a pay-per-view.