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Mike Clay projects four wins for 49ers in 2019

Well...that sucks.

Around this time last year, the 49ers were all the rage, the hype and the media darlings you could hope for thanks to their strong 2017 finish. 2019 is quite a drop if you look at Mike Clay’s projections.

Clay released his 2019 NFL projections and the 49ers aren’t looking too hot. In fact they are looking like a four-win team with these.

It’s important to note, as the folks at Niners Wire pointed out, that these are all within one and three points. They are computer numbers crunched in order simulate the season and as we have learned with Madden simulations, computer numbers can sometimes be less accurate than the groundhog on groundhog day.

Clay himself even noted these are projections, not predictions and compared them to a sportsbook. It doesn’t make much of a difference. In his actual win totals, Clay has the 49ers winning 6.7 games instead of four, tied with the Arizona Cardinals NFC West.

If the 49ers keep these games within 3 points, at least they are consistent. I guess.