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Golden Nuggets: A Trent Taylor Thank You

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, May 19th, 2019

The more articles I read, the less excited I am about seeing the players cut from this team. Rarely do I get attached to a player that is sitting near the end (or maybe not on) of the 53-man roster. However, Trent Taylor is this person.

The first time I watched him play as a 49er I thought we have our Welker. We have our quick twitch player that won’t be able to stay covered in the middle of the field. He caught the ball and didn’t shy from the hit. He became our third down go-to receiver. A couple months back Shanahan talked about the work Taylor has been putting in this off-season, “I’m very hopeful for Trent to come back. Right now, he’s around all the time. I see him outside my office on the field working out every single day”.

Taylor is a smaller guy that never allowed others to tell him what he could accomplish. Yet, every time I sit down to read a depth chart prediction it lacks his name. When I read the comments in our posts, most people have it as either James or Taylor on the team if we keep 7 at the position. The article below kept 6 which included the obvious 5 (Pettis, Samuel, Hurd, Bourne, Goodwin) and Matthews.

At the beginning of our hopeful return to glory under Shanahan, Taylor was a light showing others what was expected. If this is it for Taylor on the 49ers, if his back injury has lost him a spot on this team, I just wanted to tell him thank you. But I expect he won’t allow this to happen. He has been proving people wrong for a while. I’m ready for his resurgence.

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