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Just think of what it would be like if Reuben Foster remained on the 49ers

Tearing their ACL in OTAs? The fans would be livid.

In OTAs of all places, Washington linebacker Reuben Foster tore his ACL and maybe suffered artery damage as well. Not good. If the San Francisco 49ers weren’t dealing with off-field issues of their former linebacker, it was the injury bug.

I know what many of you are thinking. You may think or remark as you will. Whatever course you take, the fact is the Reuben Foster situation is long over in San Francisco after his arrest in late November of 2018. To make up for the loss of Foster, a pick the 49ers traded up for in the 2017 NFL Draft, 49ers brought in Kwon Alexander and drafted Dre Greenlaw during the 2019 offseason.

But, let’s have a little what-if? Shall we?

Here’s the scenario I present. Forget all of the arrests, character concerns, and what you may think of Reuben Foster, the person. Think of the numerous injuries he suffered. He couldn't’ stay on the field in 2017, and in 2018 he played as if he had one hand tied behind his back due to a shoulder injury. So now, just think of if instead of being released, he was placed on injured reserve in 2018. He was on his way there anyways, so let’s just play along. Foster goes on injured reserve, sticks with the 49ers, there is no release following an arrest.

And in 2019, he comes to OTAs and this very same injury happens in Santa Clara. The 49ers are without Alexander and maybe Greenlaw (perhaps they draft Greenlaw just for insurance) because they have Foster on the roster. Now what?

We can bash the Kwon Alexander signing all we want, but the fact is that he’s getting healthy right now, Foster is getting prepped for the surgery table. Beyond the off-field issues, the 49ers don’t have to deal with another injury either.

Just think of what this would be like with the injury history and this happens in OTAs. Fans would be looking around saying, “Here we go again” with the team getting smashed with injuries. Instead, they have a better chance with Greenlaw/Alexander.

Now this is all hindsight and we know the real reason the 49ers moved on from Foster. Whether you want to argue if it’s right or wrong is up to you. But had the 49ers kept him, and this happened to start 2019? Yikes.

That injury is awful, but just think of how the narrative would be if he suffered it still on the 49ers’ watch. And now, after that alternate dimension, you may continue on with reality.