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Golden Nuggets: The sky is falling

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday, May 24, 2019

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Bosa has a hamstring strain and Jimmy Ward broke his collarbone. Did anyone really think the 49ers were going to be able to rely on Ward being around to play free safety this season even before he broke his collarbone? The chances of either Ward or Jason Verrett making it all of the way through the 2019 season have always been pretty slim and the chances of both of them making it are pretty astronomical based on their past injury history.

I have a hard time panicking over Ward breaking his collarbone when I never thought we could depend on him staying healthy in the first place. I stopped panicking when we did not get a free safety either in free agency or in the draft and became resigned to knowing that position was more than likely going to be the Achilles heel on our roster.

Bosa on the other hand worries me. OTAs are very important for rookies and his injury puts him behind before he even gets to training camp. Any kind of further setback in training camp would be disastrous as far as putting our dream pass rush together in time for the start of the 2019 season. Perhaps our early bye week will be coming at a good time. Perhaps that will mark the point when we are also able to start using Kwon Alexander at linebacker and Jerick McKinnon is also back from his ACL? Perhaps it will be the point when Jimmy Garoppolo shakes off the rust and becomes a top ten quarterback? Perhaps that will be the week our team comes together. Perhaps we look at that bye week ten years from now as a turning point in the 49ers organization?

Speaking of the defensive line, I found this link to an article written last February by Brad Almquist about Chris Kocurek:

Why the 49ers hired Kris Kocurek to solve pass-rush crisis

It talks about Kocurek making changes to the defensive line scheme and bringing in pass rushers that best fit his scheme.

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