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Raheem Mostert addresses his absence at OTAs

Many feared the worst when Mostert didn’t show up at 49ers OTAs. The running back and special teams ace took to instagram to update everyone on his rehab from a broken arm.

Raheem Mostert hasn’t been at 49ers OTAs and many may have assumed the worst. After all, Mostert broke his arm all the way back in November of 2018 against the Oakland Raiders and had to have follow-up procedures to make sure it healed right. Fear not, Mostert may not be at OTAs, but he’ll be there for training camp. That’s not from us, that’s from Mostert himself.

The 49ers running back went to Instagram to talk about his progress after some may have thought the worst given his absence and Kyle Shanahan saying that Mostert suffered a “setback.” There are no more follow-up surgeries needed, Mostert had a procedure done a few weeks back and now he’s just taking it easy. Our own Alex Tran found the posts and and we re-posted them on Twitter. Here is what he said:

“In regards to that injury report that came out this week:

There are false articles, tweets, etc. saying I still need to have a “redo” forearm surgery. To clarify, I had my 2nd surgery 6 weeks ago and I’ve already been cleared for non-contact drills, running, lifting, etc.

I’m going to be completely honest here.

My 2nd surgery was unanticipated. My radius healed up perfectly and fast while my ulna was healing then progress stopped. To explain, post-injury and after my first surgery my swelling was so bad from the trauma I was admitted to the hospital so they could monitor my arm. Because of the intense swelling, scar tissue got between the healing area of my ulna, which hindered my bone from fusing together completely.

Let me make this clear: I AM NOT HAPPY I AM MISSING OTAs. However, I am thankful for the surgeons and the 49ers for understanding that being 110% by season is the PRIORITY. These are words straight from my surgeon’s mouth post-op, “Had we not done this, the bone would have never fused together completely and you would have broke your arm again probably within the first 3 weeks of regular season.” That being said, surgery was a HUGE BLESSING IN DISGUISE!

The team needs me most on game day and my son needs a dad that can pick him up with both arms.


NO STRESS, Niner Faithful!

My arm is healed and my x-rays look AMAZING, and I am healthy, just avoiding contact until training camp to allow for more healing time.

Appreciate the support always.

-Raheem Mostert

The 49ers running back position is pretty much set with Jerick McKinnon, Matt Breida, and Tevin Coleman. Raheem Mostert will be the fourth running back. He grew as a running back in 2018 when injuries forced him into a more central role, but his main importance isn’t as a running back, but as a special teams gunner. When Mostert was injured and out, the 49ers special teams took a devastating hit as his speed kept would-be returners from getting an inch of ground. Given his growth as a running back, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him take a few carries out of the three headed beast the 49ers have.

It sounds like the setback is just that, a setback and nothing more.