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49ers Academy Challenge Campaign for East Palo Alto Students

Approximately 87% of students in East Palo Alto under the age of 18 live in poverty.

If there’s one thing I truly enjoy shining some light on, it’s the 49ers’ off-the-field efforts.

Right now, the 49ers Academy has a campaign raising funds to make an impact on the lives of East Palo Alto high school students. East Palo Alto is one of the most economically and socially stressed cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. 87% of students in EPA under the age of 18 live in poverty. The success of tech companies in Silicon Valley has caused a major shift in gentrification of East Palo Alto and drove up the cost of living in the process, making life in East Palo Alto much harder on children and families.

The 49ers Academy started in 1996 as a program to provide a caring environment and safe community to the students of East Palo Alto. In partnership with the Ravenswood City School District and the 49ers Foundation, the goal was to keep students safe, on-track and in school. From clean clothing, tutoring with schoolwork, or even emotional support for children who are coping with and recovering from a traumatic event, the 49ers Academy connects students with the relationships and resources they need.

The 49ers Academy provides a network of support providing enrichment for students to be engaged in school, meet and exceed their potential, and accomplish academic and personal goals.

The campaign is at about $25k of their $60k goal and will last until the end of May and you can head on over to the campaign page at to make a donation to help 49ers Academy reach their goal.