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Eric Berry, Tre Boston are two free agents the 49ers could pursue in light of the Jimmie Ward injury

Do the 49ers make a move?

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The San Francisco 49ers had their bumps and bruises during OTAs last week with Jimmie Ward’s broken collarbone being the most devastating. Ward is out for 8-12 weeks and the 49ers are without a safety. We’ve gone over trade targets, now let’s talk about some possible free agents in Tre Boston and Eric Berry.

If he can stay healthy, Berry can be a potential game-changer on the field. That’s a big ‘if’ given he’s been nursing that achilles injury in what seems like ages. Given the timing, Berry could be a cheaper signing. Now that we’re into May, maybe it’s time to lock him on one of those one-year prove it deals like Jason Verrett has.

In 2016, Berry finished with four interceptions (two of which became touchdowns) and nine passes defended. In 2017, the aforementioned achilles injury ended his season after one game. He was day-to-day for pretty much the entire 2018 season and only played in two games. This is after he was taken out in 2017 in Week 1. There was a segment awhile back with Mike Garafolo saying that Berry’s issue isn’t something he can’t play through and he won’t need a procedure.

Tre Boston is somewhat of a head scratcher. He’s 26 years old with his shortest season being his rookie year (2014). He’s had two one-year deals, one in 2017 with the Los Angeles Chargers where he notched five interceptions and his 2018 campaign with the Arizona Cardinals where he played in 14 games and snagged three interceptions, and one fumble recovery. Boston has been in this situation before. In 2018 he signed with the Cardinals in late July, and this is after that season he had with the Chargers.

As far as Boston being ignored, he did have some choice words in August last year about safeties in general. The gist is he thought there was collusion against safeties in an effort to keep Eric Reid out of the league. Ironically, Reid signed a three-year, $22 million extension with the Carolina Panthers in 2019 and Boston is still looking for a job.

Ward is thought to be back by training camp for the 49ers, but it may not hurt for them to get another safety just in case. It’s worth noting Would you bring either of them in?


Which free agent would you rather have?

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    Tre Boston
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    Eric Berry
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    Neither, wait for Ward to heal
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