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Jimmy G vs. the Jaguars

This never gets old.

It’s a slow, slow weekend as far as San Francisco 49ers news. Today’s big news was the passing of Bart Starr which even San Francisco 49ers fans have to feel a hole in their heart for given what Starr contributed to the game.

But let’s keep talking about quarterbacks. In fact, here’s video of Jimmy Garoppolo carving the Jaguars in 2017 in what the Jaguars were calling a “hat and T-shirt game” prior to things getting going.

Yeah, we have already watched this thing to death, but these highlights never get old. Especially after Jalen Ramsey said that this loss was “all scheme”. That was a line that would be a punchline for the latter half of the 2018 offseason.

Anyways, enjoy your BBQs and sunshine if you get it. Turn this thing on if you want some awesomeness in your day.

As per usual, the DMCA biscuits will have this thing locked down, so you may want to go here if you want to watch it.