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PFF has George Kittle as the No. 1 tight end, and the best 49er overall

Just another weekly reminder of George Kittle’s awesomeness.

We are not going to stop reminding you of George Kittle’s awesomeness. At least, not anytime soon. If you didn’t know, he broke some records in 2018 and came close to breaking a few others.

Well, consider this a public service announcement for/from the Kittle Cartel:

The San Francisco 49ers looked to upgrade the tight end position via the 2019 NFL draft. They grabbed Stanford’s Kaden Smith who, along with Jalen Hurd (who could line up at the position a time or two as well), could compliment and take some of the heat off Kittle while he does his thing.

Kittle will be like Batman, while Smith is going to be Robin and Hurd is Nightwing. That’s the worst comparison I could come up with in my history of writing for this site, but it works. He’s the first tight end with PFF and the best 49er per their rankings.

If the team can somehow just get into Kittle’s zip code as far as rankings, the 49ers as whole are going to be awful deadly.

But back to Kittle. The interesting thing for 2019 will be how he adjusts to defense clamping down on him. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did in 2018 and the result was less impressive for the 49ers. The 49ers have planned for this by revamping their wide receiver groups and adding a whole new slew of pass catchers, but defenses will still plan for Kittle. Let’s see how he does with a bullseye on his back.

The legend of George Kittle will continue.