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Deebo Samuel has the hops

Anybody want to take this guy on in a game of hoops?

For awhile there was a running gag about the San Francisco 49ers defensive line with Arik Armstead, DeForest Buckner and others. The gag was that they might be a better basketball team than a defensive line given the height they had on opposing offensive lines. Well all I’m saying is, if that line wants to start a basketball team, they need to get Deebo Samuel in as their guard because this guy can play.

Our own Alex Tran put this video up on Twitter and it’s making the rounds. Just watch Deebo totally smoke this guy for a dunk. Remember, Samuel is 5 feet, 11 inches. Far from what you’d expect for someone with the leaps like that. Along with his airtime, look at him make this poor defender whiffin on the stuff. If you can’t see the tweet above, click here.

So what to get out of this? Well, just think of how he’ll make actual football defenders whiff when the season gets going. Beyond that, anyone remember Jerome Simpson do that flip touchdown? If anyone can do some hurdles like that it’s Deebo.

We said his name was going to be Deebo, but I’m thinking “Air Deebo” may become his new moniker.