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What burning question now faces the 49ers in 2019?

It’s obvious the injury bug could be the big one, but what is the big question remaining for this team?

Taking injuries out, the San Francisco 49ers still have a few questions surrounding them. They’ve improved quite a bit from 2018, health being the big focus even if Nick Bosa and Jimmy Ward are dealing with some things. This time last year, they were the guys who were going to take the league by storm. That didn’t happen.

So is this the same team as 2018? Just minus all the injuries?’s Gennaro Filice wrote a burning question for each team in the NFL and had this for the 49ers:

San Francisco 49ers: Is this the post-hype breakout team to buy in 2019?

At the moment, the Browns are offseason hype kings. No doubt about it. But one year ago at this time, the 49ers were making a run at the all-unimportant throne. Having closed the 2017 campaign on a Jimmy Garoppolo-infused five-game winning streak, San Francisco was the most acclaimed 6-10 team in recent memory. Then the Niners sputtered out of the gate, Jimmy G crumpled to the ground with a torn ACL and San Francisco’s season was effectively over before the calendar had even flipped to October. Consequently, there isn’t much chatter about San Francisco this offseason, but maybe there should be. John Lynch made a series of splashy moves in March -- signing Kwon Alexander and Tevin Coleman, as well as trading for Dee Ford -- before snagging arguably the top overall prospect in the draft (DE Nick Bosa). Suddenly, the Niners boast a ferocious defensive front. On offense, Kyle Shanahan has a diverse set of playmakers spanning the skill positions, including Day 2 picks Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd. The pieces are here for a breakthrough season -- IF Garoppolo can establish himself as a true franchise quarterback. For all the ink that’s been spilled over the years about the former second-round pick’s immense potential, he’s a 27-year-old quarterback with 10 pro starts to his name. Is this the year it all comes together for Jimmy G and Lil’ Shanny’s Niners?

Great question. Kind of what I asked above. The 49ers are even better than their hype-seasoned forms in 2019, but aren’t getting the loves the Browns have.

I have a better burning question: Can they stay healthy? Or better: is this strength and conditioning going to work for the 49ers and alleviate their injury issues from 2018? The 49ers cleaned house with their medical and strength and conditioning staff. Their new focus was to have better communication in the department.

It all sounds good on paper and like a great idea, but it’s not off to the greatest of starts considering their No. 1 pick is with a strained hamstring and their injury-prone safety is once again nursing something sustained during training camp.

So that’s my question: Can the 49ers stay healthy. Can they not “be too tight” during training camp as Kyle Shanahan says.

What do you think is the burning question for the 49ers now?