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Hard Knocks announcement en route

Just a bit longer until they announce a team that doesn’t want to be on the show.

There’s one question we still haven’t gotten answers for and that’s who the hell is going to be on “Hard Knocks” in a few months. Apparently, that question is about to be answered:

We already got word that the 49ers were probably not going to be forced into doing the show and that the Raiders seem like the clear choice. Nothing official has been made about either.

As a 49ers fan I’d love to see some behind the scenes stuff with the front office/coaching staff, but I understand why they are reluctant to allow anyone inside the building and respect the decision. I’d definitely watch it if they were on there, but I am in no way disappointed that the Oakland Raiders will be the subject if they don’t it.

Of course, I’d be rather amused if someone else got the nod. Washington seems like torture from an entertainment standpoint. New York would be interesting in that I’d like to see some Eli Manning/Daniel Jones interactions.

So this is your friendly reminder. “Hard Knocks” announcement coming and a lot of teams aren’t too thrilled.