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49ers waive Pita Taumoepenu. Again

This one will carry a bit more weight.

The San Francisco 49ers are mighty busy on Tuesday. They’ve brought back cornerback Dontae Johnson and also released Anthony Davis. They also have waived Pita Taumoepenu.

This isn’t the first time Taumoepenu has been waived. He was cut on the way to the 2018 53-man roster but stuck on the practice squad after clearing waivers. The 49ers brought him to the main roster in mid December as the injury plague in full force to the team.

The fact Taumoepenu is being waived before training camp even begins might indicate this is the last time he dons a 49ers uniform. If the 49ers had any indication of keeping him around, they’d have done this at the last possible second. The fact he’s being let go before training camp even begins is telling, and also a favor so he has a chance to find a new team before training camps begin.

Taumoepenu was taken in the sixth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. While things didn’t work out, this is something common with picks that late. He had a decent chance and some great film, but also was a risk.

What a day for roster transactions.