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NFL has a video of 100 top plays, and only one of them is from the 49ers

Le sigh

I hate to be that guy. You know, the guy who corrects stuff when it’s missing important elements? Really, it’s not fun, but I have to correct the NFL.

See, they released this “highlight” video. I say that loosely. Loosely because this is more highlights of the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots. To be fair, teams of that magnitude should dominate because their offenses are more interesting—and successful. The Cleveland Browns even get in on it with a respectable amount of gems and they deserve it. Within the first two of the nine minutes encompassing this video, they were kind enough to show this gem of Richie James doing that housecall. That play was pretty special. So I watched to see what other 49ers plays would make this list.

And I watched.

And I watched.

And I watched.

And now I want my time back. Is there a way I can get seven minutes of my life the NFL took from me? Again, the 49ers don’t have much to really go on from last year. We ALL know and accept that. But I can gladly point out what the NFL missed.

First of all, there’s this. You know, Matt Breida taking it 66 yards (and through his offensive line) for a touchdown in Week 2. How does THAT get missed? Head scratcher.

Second, they forgot this. How in the football holy heavens this didn’t get allocated into 100 plays of the season, I don’t know. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to hypothesize the NFL doesn’t know either. That link is to George Kittle one-handed catching the ball and knifing his way through three Oakland Raider defensive backs for about 72 yards and getting stopped just shy of the goalline.

Ok, don’t give us that, but George Kittle did have a record setting year. There’s got to be something in that body of work that qualifies your status of “Top Plays.” Because a busted coverage catch isn’t it.

Does any of this matter? Not really. I’m glad to just repost these cool plays for us to re-live since the NFL forgot to. Two plays. 100 total plays from across the league and two really great ones don’t get the list. Instead it’s some hail mary catch from the Bears that was stopped short of the endzone.

Finger of shame, NFL, finger of shame. I’m sure many fans of other teams think the same way and are thinking of the plays the NFL missed in this list. That’s fine. This list could use a revision. Just add those and you might at least satisfy 49ers fans.