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Which draft crush do you wish the 49ers selected?

Now that the NFL Draft is over with, there’s a lot of fans that missed out on seeing their favorite college players go to the 49ers. Who is disappointed?

The 2019 NFL Draft is over with and some of you like what the San Francisco 49ers did, some of you didn’t. They got Nick Bosa, which should be a solid foundational piece for the defense and they also got Deebo Samuel which is a shot in the arm for the wide receivers. Overall, I like a lot of what the 49ers did and ‘get’ the moves, even though I don’t really like the situations a lot of them were in (if that even makes sense).

But there were players I liked that the 49ers will not be getting. Well, only a couple. Every year we have draft crushes and every year we are set up to be disappointed be it by draft order, stupid trades, or the team going in a completely different direction where you may take it personally.

For me, I was warming up and eventually wanted Arizona State wide receiver N’Keal Harry. Badly. I thought with his size he’d be great in Shanahan’s offense. I also knew in the back of my head the 49ers would probably wind up with Deebo Samuel. After that Senior Bowl where he was under Kyle Shanahan and how he continued to impress as time went on, my gut said the 49ers were going to land him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with Samuel. His height concerns me, but if you watch this interview you find a pretty good dude, that gives me the impression he wants to be in San Francisco specifically. Harry was praying he went to the Patriots.

I think Samuel won’t be much of a slot receiver, he’s going to be all over the place in each position. Him and Dante Pettis on the field will be something to watch, but I did want Harry at the time.

So what was your draft crush for 2019 that didn’t make it to the 49ers? Who’d they take instead of him around the time he went? Are you disappointed?